Drain Line Camera Services

McDonald Property Services proudly provides Drain Line Camera Inspection & Locating Services in the area of Franklin County, VT. This service comes as a “natural addition” to the excavation and septic installation / repair work we provide.

Common causes of sewer line problems
Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Drain Line Camera Services

McDonald Property Services provides drain line camera pipe inspection services to both residential and commercial customers. While performing an inspection we are looking at the overall condition of the existing service and any threats that may prevent it from providing a long and valuable service to the owner. The most common threats we find in our drain line camera inspections are root growth into the joints of pipes, deterioration, collapse, misalignment, or breakage.

McDonald Property Services also provides water jetting services and cable auger drain line services to clear blocked pipes. For piping that requires replacement McDonald Property Services can also provide the excavation and repair work for you as well.

Camera Inspection Services

Utilizing the newest equipment our team can inspect the interior of your sewer or drain line. Camera inspection allows us to identify the problem and locate its position. Targeting the problem area saves time, money and disruption during the repair.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for your Camera Inspection & Locating Service.

Why work with McDonald Property Services for your Drain Line Camera Services? You’ll dig up less, make less mess, get the problem fixed, while saving time and money, by working with just one company. Yes, it can be that easy. Just give us a call! In conjunction with this service, we’re also capable of locating hidden underground utilities, while fulfilling your excavation and trucking needs. Contact us, and let’s talk about that project!

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