Excavating Services

Sculpt your property with the help and expertise of McDonald Property Services Excavating!

Residential Excavating - Move the Earth, Without Lifting a Finger

Shape your land into the property of your dreams with the power of our budget friendly trucking and excavating services. We’ll handle everything from the fill needed, the leveling of the ground, to the reseeding.

Constant freeze and thaw temperatures make managing Vermont roads and driveways a regular job. Each spring the McDonald Property Services team repairs a number of Private Roads and customer driveways around St Albans and Franklin County. If you find yourself riddled with potholes, call McDonald Property Services!

Excavating services are great for:

  • Stone Driveway Repair and Grading
  • Lot Clearing and Brush Hogging
  • Power Raking
  • Roadside Mowing
  • Ditch Digging
  • Stump Removal
  • Site Work
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Rain Water Runoff Control

There is no question about it, living here in Vermont we get our fair share of rain water and snow melt. Often times, they come together which can cause even bigger problems. If you’re getting water in your basement or have standing water in your yard the fix isn’t typically that hard or expensive all it takes is a bit of material and excavating. Give us a call!

Get a quote for your project:

  • Culvert Repair & Replacement
  • French Drain Installation
  • Small Ponds and Water Retention
  • Water Diversion
  • Rain Water Diversion
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Waste Management & Septic System Installation

Looking to upgrade your property’s waste management system? With our team of certified septic system installers working closely with professional engineers and suppliers, we can repair your old septic system or install a new septic system designed specifically for your home or business in the most cost effective and timely manner.

We install septic systems for:

  • Conventional Septic Systems
  • Mound Septic Systems
  • Pre-Treatment Septic Systems
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Foundation Excavation Company

Preparing and installing a foundation is arguably the most critical step in the construction of a new building. After all, a foundation that leaks or has other issues, will ultimately cause issues throughout the building. We’ve seen and repaired work that other contractors have done and have adjusted our service model to reflect the cold weather preparation needs that foundations in Vermont require. 

Get a quote for your project:

  • Foundation excavation services
  • Home foundation preparation
  • Commercial foundation preparation
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